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Supersized Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies will shock and amaze you. They are butter free, oil free and refined sugar free. They are also thick, fat and chunky…..just the way I like my vegan chocolate chip cookies to be. I have a secret to them too….I use pecan butter and cornstarch. The pecan butter makes them amazingly rich and [...]

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Dark Chocolate Espresso Biscotti

Dark Chocolate Espresso Biscotti With Chocolate Cream (VVP!)

Welcome to the Virtual Vegan Potluck! I’m so excited to be apart of this wonderful group of bloggers. I know there are going to be some amazing recipes shared! Thank you Somer and Annie for helping to organize it! At the end of this post, click on the links to tour the other recipes featured in [...]

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Almond Cookies

Almond Butter Gluten Free Cookies

These might just be my favorite new cookies!! They are buttery, moist, tender and are wonderfully crispy. They are extremely addictive. These are the thin, crispy type of cookies…the opposite of my double chocolate espresso cookies. These are the EASIEST and fastest cookies to prepare as well. Seriously..only took me about 5 minutes! They also [...]

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Nutrient Rich Cookies

Nutrient Rich Cookies

Who says a cookie can’t be loaded with nutrients? I packed these full of goodness and earthy flavor. Delicious and nutritious…that’s what I like. Check out this list of ingredients! These have a wonderful nutty flavor from the toasted sesame seeds and chewiness from the oats and maple syrup. They are delicious and packed with [...]

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Cookies Gift Basket

Cookie Gift Wrap Idea For Less Than $10!!

“Double Chocolate Espresso Almond Cookies” Gift Idea Click here for the recipe This is an easy to make gift idea that anybody can do. All you need is a rectangular basket, some cellophane paper, a rubberband and some decorative ribbon. I got everything at Michael’s craft store. With coupons, it was all less than $10! I dare [...]

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Double Chocolate Espresso Almond Cookies

Double Chocolate Espresso Almond Cookies

What could be more perfect than chocolate? Hmmmmm…..espresso with chocolate! Those two flavors compliment each other so perfectly. To make it even more scrumptious…a little almond flavor (from homemade flour)  to further enhance them. The almond flour gives an amazing nutty flavor and fantastic texture and it is done wthin 2 minutes! Please make your [...]

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