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Curry Bean Burger

Curry Spiced Veggie Burger (Soy-Free, Oil-Free, Gluten-free option)

My favorite black bean veggie burger has always been from Beck’s Prime. Not anymore…now my favorite is the one below! I set out to create my own because theirs is too expensive and not vegan. Veggie burgers can be mushy, cardboard-like or unflavorful. I solved that by infusing mine with loads of flavor and spice. I also use [...]

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Smoky Garlic Quinoa Stirfry

Smoky Garlic Quinoa Stir-fry Dinner In 30 Minutes!

I cook a lot of quinoa. As a vegan, quinoa is a staple in my diet because of it’s exceptional nutrients and quality protein. It is so versatile too. You can literally add any type of flavor profile to it and it is fabulous. I have a confession…I used to dislike quinoa…but that is because [...]

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Cajun red quinoa and beans

Cajun Red Quinoa and Beans (Gluten-Free)

My husband is from Louisiana, so Cajun is his middle name. To say he likes all things seafood, spicy and punching with flavor is an understatement. If he could, he would live off gumbo daily! Unfortunately, due to his gout, he no longer can have those tempting bowls of seafood gumbo. Seafood triggers gout terribly [...]

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