This is a letter to Lori Drew, the grown woman and suburban mother who bullied teen Megan Meier online and made Megan so upset that she killed herself. I wanted to write this letter in light of the news yesterday that no criminal charges will be filed in this case.


As a mother, your actions toward Megan Meier are unspeakable. I can’t even begin to imagine what led you to such cruelty.

You have gotten away with a crime but you will pay for your actions at some point. There is a special place in hell reserved for you, right next to the child molesters.

You drove a child to end her life because of your cruel joke and then after it was done, you did NOTHING.
The fact that you did not immediately confess to Megan’s parents about your “prank” and beg for their mercy tells me that you are the kind of person you are.

You are evil, Lori. Karma is a bitch and the deeds you do unto others will come back around. You might not be charged with a crime in a court of law but there are “higher courts” that you will answer to at some point. Count on it.

Have a rotten day.

White Trash Mom