White Trash Mom is Cool!

Far from trashy, White Trash Mom has fans from Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. to Hollywood. White Trash Mom gives irreverent but wise advice for parents of school age children.

White Trash Mom dishes out parenting advice in a tone that many parents can relate to. It’s one of the most popular parenting blogs on the web and was adapted into a book in 2008. St. Martin’s Press published The White Trash Mom Handbook to rave reviews and national publicity.

Michelle Lamar began writing her blog under the persona White Trash Mom in 2005 to help other parents cope with some of the crazy expectations of modern parenting. The message of WTM is that perfection is just a myth that makes modern moms feel lousy.

Molly Wendland contributes to White Trash Mom as reformed school volunteer Tacky Princess.

As every mom of elementary-aged school kids knows, there is an enormous amount of perfection pressure that is brought to bear on mom’s participation in school activities like the PTA, the Annual Auction, bake sales, class projects, and more. White Trash Mom is a parental guide for all the unwritten rules of the school years.

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