Tired of my immature holiday humor? Then you might just want to move along! Just when you thought it was over, the Gods of Bad Taste and White Trash Mom keep pulling you back in! In October, White Trash Mom brought you the Tampons of Terror. For Turkey Day, I offered up my suggestion for a tasteful tampon turkey centerpiece.

For every season there is a reason for really bad crafts! In the spirit of the Holiday season, White Trash Mom will have tons of weird and wickedly fun craft and gift ideas! I realize that some of my crafts might not be the perfect gift for your sister-in-law or your boss but a girl can dream, right?

Our first-holiday craft is from the twisted and wonderful people at Tampon Crafts. Nothing says the Holidays like feminine protection products! You can create your own Tampon Angel to decorate your home this Holiday season!

Materials to Start Your Tampon, Angel:

* Playtex tampons (or similar brand like Rely or Always)
* Paint
* Hot glue gun
* Gold metallic chenille pipe cleaners
* Doll hair (you can just chop some off an old Barbie)
* X-Acto knife
* Scissors
* Cardboard
* Glitter glue

Once you have your materials gathered up, please go to Tampon Crafts website, where you will find detailed instructions for building the Holiday Tampon Angel. ENJOY!

The Gods of Bad Taste and White Trash Mom have lots of fun planned over the next two weeks! Dig if you will, some of the weird and wonderful holiday activities:

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White Trash Mom takes care of her peeps during the holiday!
Keep visiting White Trash Mom this holiday season! There is plenty of stuff to do!