I married Mr. Christmas. My husband was raised by a woman who has more Christmas spirit than Mrs. Claus and he has single handily pulled me over into the group of people who are “Christmas people”. He took me kicking and screaming, into his world of over-the-top holiday decor but I am here to tell you, it’s way more fun! My children have amazing memories of the holiday season and it’s because of Tim’s love of the holidays, which explodes every December.

I’ll admit, there are times when the 60 boxes of holiday stuff get taken out and spread all over the place, that I start to say something along the lines of:

Do we have to put up the giant flashing reindeer on the wall?
Don’t you think the robot Mr. and Mrs. Santa are kind of creepy?

But then I stop. I look past the decorations and I see how happy my kids are this time of year. Both my girls LOVE the holidays because their dad made them so much fun. He told me when they were little (and they wanted to put the decorations up their noses) that holidays are “to make memories”. I believe this is true and despite the fact, my inner Grinch sometimes comes out to play—–I am officially a card carrying member of the Christmas Lovers Club.

He has toned down the holiday lights over the years. At our old house, our neighbors called our house the “Griswold’s” due to the number and variety of holiday lights in our yard during the season. I think their comments and the fact that we left the lights up in the house until March for three years in a row, has made him tone down on the outside holiday decor. But inside our home, during the Holiday season, it is a wonder of Christmas decorations, Holiday cookies, and fun.

It’s not exactly a Holiday miracle but it’s close. I did a review of Wii’s Boogie Super Star for The Parents Bloggers Network and both my girls had a blast! You can read the review of the game over at michellelamar.com or check out all the reviews at The Parent Bloggers Network.