HotbloggernowonsalebuttonI’m usually too busy pimping my book, creating crafts out of feminine protection products or bitching about the weather to do something for a fellow blogger.

But the season makes me want to do better. The Hot Blogger Calendar is filled with HOT BLOGGERS and you need a 2009 calendar so why not buy this one? It’s way better than the one you almost bought at STAPLES with the kittens on it. Kittens are so last year. Hot bloggers are the new trend in fashionable calendar chic.

I know a few of the hot bloggers on the calendar, IRL and Virtually. Some of them even claim me as a friend, despite my white trash mom-ness. Some of my favorite bloggers are on this calendar: Backpacking Dad, The Slackmistress & Be the Boy, Moosh in Indy and Katja to name a few.

Even way famous rockstars like Peter Shankman and Pete Cashmore are in it! Everyone wants to have them around!

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