Dooce is the Queen of the Mom Bloggers. Her popularity and success are amazing and those that know her personally say she’s extremely nice and low key.

However, it is safe to say that White Trash Mom is probably off the Armstrongs holiday card list. I looked at my blog traffic and found when you Google Heather Armstrong here’s what comes up:

535,000 results in Google

#1,#2 results are from
#3 is from Wikipedia about Dooce
#4 result are images
#5 is White Trash Mom’s post from August 2008!
Jon and Heather Armstrong: You Drank the Kool-Aid is listed in the top 5 Google results for Heather Armstrong. The post title sounds meaner than the post really was, it was a response to some drama at Blogher 08! Here’s the visual validation (as we used to say in the ad biz) of why I’m off the list.

Leave it to me, a White Trash Mom, to write about the most popular blogger on the planet Earth that didn’t kiss her ass. Link below.

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