Yo Gabba Gabba is out of my mom range. This means that since my kids are over the age of 3, I am no longer contractually obligated as a mom to watch TV shows that make me want to stick a hot poker in my eye. I did my time with the purple dinosaur and I drank the kool-aid of Tinky Winky the metro sexual Teletubbies!

While High School Musical doesn’t exactly make my Oscar list, it beats the hell out of Barney’s twisted jingle of “I Love You, You Love Me” that makes me have visions of pedophiles dressed like Tinky Winky who want to eat my brain and steal my children. Maybe I should just quit beating around the bush. I am a mom who loves her children. But so help me God, I will never watch Barney again.

Anyway, I wrote a post at CafeMom on Yo Gabba Gabba yesterday. I asked what the other moms thought about the show.

OMG! McCain/Obama has nothing on the variety and intensity of opinions on this show! I had NO CLUE. The moms either H-A-T-E it or love it. Naturally, I had to blog about it over here in WTM-ville, to see what you guys thought. Stir up a little trouble, you know?

Comment here at WTM, throw rocks at me, comment over at CafeMom.

Or, you can go into the darkest part of your bedroom closet and fire up a VHS or DVD of Barney Meets Tinky Winky in Hell. Just a thought for you on this Thursday night! TWO DAYS BEFORE I GO TO LA!