I can finally tell you guys my news! Proving that years of watching reality TV and reading PEOPLE magazine can actually lead to career advancement:

I am the new Entertainment Buzz editor over at CafeMom’s Daily Buzz! My job is to write about celebrity gossip, books, movies, music, TV and of course, reality TV. Could there BE a perfect J-O-B for me?

Besides my own reality show (with all of you guest starring, naturally) this new gig at CafeMom is pretty sweet. My husband, St. Timothy, tried to wrap his brain around the new job:

DH: So, it’s a job. That you get paid for. Where you write about celebrities, reality TV, movies, and gossip.
WTM: Yes.
DH: They pay YOU? Not the other way around, right?
WTM: Affirmative.
DH: So all the hours of watching Project Runway, The Biggest Loser and Nanny 911 were really preparing you for a career move, a step up?
WTM: Ain’t America great?
DH: Only you, honey, only you….

Just wanted to let you know that years of hard work, reality TV, and celeb watching paid off. LOL. Come see me over at CafeMom Entertainment Buzz!

PS: Here is an official announcement from CafeMom.