Color a picture and win a prize! To shamelessly promote my book as a holiday gift idea, I am having a contest here at White Trash Mom. Starting November 1 and ending November 10, I am asking all moms (sorry dudes) to color a picture of a MUFFIA mom…to win a prize. The prize will be announced later this week but it will be worth it! Here is what you need to do to play:

1)Download the coloring book page (created by my daughter, BTW).

2)Color the picture, adding your own special touches.

3)Send it to me via email at lamar(dot)michelle(at)gmail(dot)com.

A very panel of professional judges will review the entries and determine the winner! Winner will be announced on Monday, November 17th! You can’t win if you don’t play, just like the lotto. Below are some descriptions of how to spot an evil muffia troll at first glance.

From page 60 of The White Trash Mom Handbook, here are some warning signs of a Muffia Member:

Hair-Styled and highlighted in a “natural” way found only in the most expensive salons.

Facial features-Her eyes can produce sparks at a moment’s notice. She has a big smile but like a crocodile, she can eat you for lunch.

Other warning signs-Her nails are freshly manicured and prepared to claw your eyes out if you cross her. Her feet wear the latest designer shoes so she can walk all over you.

I will have a review of some of the additional warning signs of the evil muffia, in my post on Wednesday!