I am a blogger for Silicon Valley Moms Group, over at their Deep South Moms. Jill, Beth, and Tekla are the bomb and without exception every single contributor for this group is cool. Completely cool.

Here’s the sad story of how I almost got to meet Bono.

Bono, I had a chance to get a press pass (via SV Moms) to the 2008 California Women’s Conference. I could not go because I was supposed to be speaking at the Blissfully Domestic shindig until Sunday and then I had a work meeting that could not be missed on Monday at CafeMom.

The LA Moms Blog lived blogged the event, which was amazing. The SV Moms got to see all kinds of political big shots and celebrities. They were within touching distance of one of my fave people in the whole world…BONO.

Where was I? I spent the weekend throwing up in Paducah KY Holiday Inn, never made it to BlissDom08. The car broke down on the way home, $414.60 in repairs and had to leave the car in a little town in Missouri, had to get rescued.

And I did not see Bono.

The good news is that I ate nothing for almost a week so pants fit better. So that the next time I get a chance to see BONO I can go.