For those of you not blessed with having a teenager living with you, here is a peek into living with one. Dig if you will, the picture of how a 13-year-old does her chores:

Step 1-Ask the 13-year-old to do an extra bit of work around the house, above and beyond the daily chore list.

Step 2-First and foremost, roll your eyes and sigh heavily and loudly. Act as if you are being held against her will in a prison or enslaved in some way. HIGH DRAMA. Academy award type of drama.

Step 3-Attempt to argue with the parent but stop this approach just as the parent gets irritated. Get up SLOWLY from your important task (talking on the phone, IMing friends or watching TV) and make your way into the kitchen. Move as though you are underwater, make sure everyone knows it is a HUGE effort.

Step 4-Load the dishwasher with only the glasses and dishes that are in the sink. Load up the dishwasher and start to run the dishwasher with only 5 dishes in it. Act surprised and shocked with parent stops you from completing your chore.

Step 5-Joan of Arc would be proud as you act like a martyr as your parent tells you to LOOK AROUND the kitchen to pick up other dishes. Tell the parent that you “didn’t realize” that they wanted you to LOOK FOR OTHER DIRTY DISHES. Please note that the point of all of this is to make it such a hassle for the parent to have you do this extra chore that they won’t ask you again.

Step 6-SLOWLY and PAINFULLY you fill up the dishwasher with more than the 5 dishes. It will appear to the outside world that you are clearly being tortured by those making you work.

Step 7-The dramatic performance of this task increases the time spent on this chore to 30 minutes. After finishing this chore, SLOWLY go and report to your parent that this task is done. Tell them this information as if they had asked you to kill an entire family and bury them under the front porch—-the chore is that distasteful.

It is at this point that the parent will either be completely disgusted and allow the teen to go back to more “important” tasks or if the members of the household will be forced to watch the additional drama.