Here is a letter that I would love to write to the parents of the kids that bullied my older daughter. My daughter goes to a new school but the impact of the bullying goes on.

Dear Parents,
It’s been almost two years since I pulled my older daughter from school due to the fact she was being tormented by your daughters. The child we pulled out of the school was a shell of the child she used to be. It’s been almost two years and she’s doing pretty well. Pretty well for a kid that was picked on and abused for no other reason than she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t fight back.

Yesterday my daughter’s 7th grade teacher called me. He’s worried about her because during a P.E. session where they were jumping rope, my daughter had a complete meltdown, out of the blue. He said she started crying in gym class during jump rope because it brought back some horrid memory of the “old days” when she was still going to school with your daughters. My daughter is strong and has come a long way now but when I got the call from her teacher, my anger boiled up inside me all over again.

I’m sure your daughters don’t even remember the incident and they probably barely remember my daughter. People like you and your daughters tend to forget the awful things that occur. But my daughter remembers some of the things that happened. In fact, the things your kids did will continue to impact her self-confidence for YEARS to come. Research says that the impact of bullying for the victims goes on for years.

Parents, I see you at church sometimes and you don’t meet my eye. I don’t look away and I don’t get out of the way to make it easier for you. You know exactly what your daughters did and you know that they continue to bully other girls. You know this and yet you do nothing and pretend nothing is wrong.

But before you go to sleep tonight, please read this letter. I want you to know the detail and the impact of your kids behavior. Keep this letter handy so you can look at it in a few years, when the shit has hit the fan and your daughter has made a mess that you can’t clean up for her and you can’t ignore. When you are scratching your head and wondering HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? you can read my letter and gain some understanding.

My daughter and my family will be fine. My daughter will have a great life and is on her way to becoming a strong and beautiful young woman. She’s beautiful on the outside and on the inside.
Have a great day.
White Trash Mom