Okay—now I am steamed. I was back-to-school shopping last week (of course, I was late as I am WT). Getting kids clothes, picking through the remains of summer stuff since it’s so hot. Saw some women’s shirts—my 7 year old girl grabs one of the shirts, holds it up to her and…IT FITS. There is something really really wrong in the world, wrong with the clothing industry when a 48 pound girl can wear a shirt made for a grown women. It’s not like the shirt is too big either—-the shirt FITS. And what is even worse—the shirt she tried on was not a fluke. She could wear a whole bunch of them. I am not a monkey women hot bodied 40 year old. However I am not morbidly obese either. But while I used to wear a size 6 or size 8——-I now find myself having to purchase larger sizes because the sizes I used to wear…SHRUNK. Has this happened to anyone else? Have I gone mad? Or is the fashion industry just out-of-it’s mind? Let me know.